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If it handmade it’s meant to be praised! So is the story of…

We started with a motive to provide artisans the platform which will make them visible to the world. Their handmade creations which are liked by many and are unique in their own way made us cater their creation to the world. Based in India, where there is ample of art and culture present in every part of country we got a great start.

Giving platform to the artist to showcase their work in their own manner made us distinct. We work on store based model where the artisan can create his/her own store and promote it and make it a brand. After receiving a great response in India we have now decided to move to the world.

Each country has its own art which is to be praised and is qualified to be known to the world. And for the art lover it is a boon to get the most unique art delivered at their doorsteps!

So now ArtyOwl with its massive HANDMADE COLLECTION is ready for the world! We invite every artisan from every nook of the world to join us in this journey and make their store with us! And at the same time we invite every art lover present all around the world to discover the unique Art of every artisan.

Handmade is forever and so is ArtyOwl! It would be great to have you on board with us.


Think Handmade Think ArtyOwl!

5 Amazing DIY Idea from Used CDs and Records…

We are in the computer generation where the trend changes before even reaching the ears. In this time of having something new every day and having a single pen drive which can store an enormous amount of data, somewhere Disks and Records have lost their existence.

Now there is no boasting about the record collection you own or the number of CDs in your collection. So now? Is our precious collection which we saved for years going to get dusted? Or we will just have it as a memory of older year? I believe the collection which was close to our heart once should never go out of our life.

So what to do to make it stay and always be in front of our eyes? With everything being upcycled nowadays let’s make something great out of our pride which makes it stand out and stay in trend forever!

Let’s have a look at what we can make!

  • Placemat for Hot Dishes or Kettles:
    Img source Decoist
    The idea of having placemats mats made of your CDs serves all your purpose. You can flaunt in front of your guests, you can boast about recycling your favorite CDs, and also you can keep your disks forever as a utility!
  • Cool Holder for Wall: Img source Pinterest
    Having your records hanging on your wall with the back pockets of your jeans is reinventing the utility of the two most important products which you are never r
    eady to leave! Why not make this terrific duo the most useful part of your home?
  • Table Lamp: Img source
    CD’s always reflect light in a way that mesmerizes every one of us. Having one by the side of your bed will make you feel nostalgic with the reflections of your CD lamp!
  • Record Timer: Img Source ArtyOwl
    Your favorite music record can be a time teller. I know making wall clocks from CDs is quite mainstream. But having a wall clock of a retro style record would add a lot to your wall nd also will catch a lot of eyes.
  • A Book Holder: Img Source ArtyOwl
    You can use your records and CDs as an amazing book holder. This book holder will not just prove to be a great utility but can also provide you with a moment behind every book. This might be a perfect way to get a music lover get what he will like to read…


There’s a lot that you can make from your old Records and CDs. Share your idea with us… sell with us and make your little start a brand!

Handmade Home Decor

We all have an amazing fantasy about how our house should look. We come across a lot of stuff on internet and then start imagining the interiors of the house.

The imagination somehow starts with the part of the house you love the most and generally it is the bedroom. Then we are lost in some sort of imagination and suddenly the visitors take place in the imagination and their praises about the décor starts buzzing in the ears. Yes, we all want that to happen.

I have browsed many interiors and saw the most amazing and luxurious home decors (On Internet) but while browsing through each of them I got an idea about the most unique form of decorating house i.e. Handmade Décor

Every piece of a handmade product will definitely differ from each other as they are handmade and are meant to be different. So imagine the decoration of your house can never be copied and it will have its own unique essence.

Few Idea which I would love to share with you.

You can decorate your room with some bright Jar Lamps which would be quite different from other ordinary stuff and particularly suit the colours of your wall and change the look of your bedroom.

Every lady likes to showcase their latest tea set which is generally the most bragged thing after the jewellery in a kitty party. What if you just leave the mainstream and have a cutting chai tea set in your cutlery.

A music lover would always want his house to have a musical look, what if his wall portrays his love for music? Yes, your love for music could be a time teller with an upcycled record disk.

Having a plant in home is always beautiful and having a unique planter is increasing its beauty!

So let’s not be  mainstream and Switch to Handmade!

Handmade Treats for you this summer!

Summer has started rising in India and with the increase in the temperature, it is becoming quite difficult to maintain the cool. It is quite important to maintain the cool of the body and feel fresh every hour of the day. Can’t afford to smell in office right?

Though we have a privilege to sit in the comforts and all thanks to Air Conditioners we don’t feel summer as summer anymore! But still while traveling the sun shows its effect. We sweat out all the freshness during this time and carry deodorants for our rescue. Let’s not have this mainstream idea this summer, let’s go handmade and natural!

Summer is not just your body wanting more attention but your taste buds too need a refreshment to maintain the cool and soft drink is not a perfect Idea! Before you sip something from the drink next to you and feel the refreshment of it! Let’s see what all you can buy this summer which are not just handmade but are also perfect summer pamper elements!

Here are some products that will help you beat the summer in a natural way!

  • Soaps by Arome Herbals: Arome Herbals brings a luxury to your bathroom in form of soaps, which are natural and have essential oils to keep the foul smell out from your body throughout the day. Being perfectly crafted to pamper your body this summer!
  • Natural Jams by Lejion Kitchen: Summer has a direct relation with colourful cool food and not just your body but your taste buds too need refreshment in this season! Lejion Kitchen has a unique way of making natural jams and giving your taste buds everything they need! This summer cool on your taste buds with lejion kitchen.
  • Skin Care by MYLove: MYLove developed out of a passion for making products that have been put together with more natural and potent ingredients. The idea is to create products keeping as much purity as possible intact and free from chemicals and preservatives but nourishing the skin at the same time. All the ingredients are personally put together keeping their uniqueness and benefits in mind.

Though that’s not all to the collection you can find out more on!


Five Natural Handmade Remedies For Skincare

Skin needs refreshment and nurturing. We all seek a proper care for our skin and use many homemade recipes. We use orange peel to feel fresh, sandalwood for acne treatment, and what not!

Though many products are available in the market but we believe homemade has its own magic. We all might have heard the stories about natural glow and beauty of the kings and queens of our country. This glow wasn’t because of some sunscreen having an SPF but because of some natural nuskas.

I know it is quite difficult to find time in today’s world. We can’t wait for hours to search some recipes which would be harmless and purely natural. So we have got some quick solutions for you.

Let’s have a look at the things which can keep you beautiful naturally:

  • Lemon Peel Face Scrub: We all want bright and glowing skin and the best Vitamin C is the best agent for the same. Lemon peel is rich in Vitamin C is a natural bleaching agent and helps in skin brightening, gives your face a natural glow. It helps tighten and shrink pores. Ideal for oily and acne prone skin. For all skin types.
  • Oatmeal Face Scrub: A clean and moisturised skin is the secret to the confidence on the face. The goodness of oatmeal cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes skin. It deep cleans and gives your skin a glowing dewy appearance. Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Fuller’s Earth Mask: Who isn’t aware of the magic of Multani Matti? Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti is nature’s gift for an instant glow. It also removes impurities, acne, and sun tan. Perfect for oily skin.
  • Rice Face Scrub: No one wants to look old and we have our natural anti-aging solution! The goodness of rice powder, a natural anti-aging and skin whitening agent that treats blemishes, pigmentation, removes sun tan and makes your skin tone naturally fair. It is known for its oil controlling properties making it ideal for oily or acne prone skin. Can be used for all skin types
  • Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera has been no secret for beauty and wellness. Enjoy the goodness of the miracle plant Aloe Vera. This moisturizing gel is ideal for getting a soft, hydrated and youthful skin. It helps protect the skin from sun damage and heals oily, dry, acne skin conditions.

The secret to our beauty is hidden somewhere in nature, we just don’t have enough time to find it.
For the best natural and homemade products shop at!

Is Craft your Hobby?

Is craft your hobby? If the answer is yes then optimise it!

It is often observed that people having creativity as their hobby cannot make anything out of it. They either perform it for themselves or they completely leave it.

This is not because it consumes time. Who would not like to spend time in the things they love! It is because the time consumed in it is costly. Yes, spending time in doing things you love is another thing and spending time in doing something which doesn’t earn is other.

Confused, right?

I was in a dilemma too when I wrote this. We are in confusion because we think that our hobbies can’t earn anything.

In India, people leave their passions for jobs and I think it should be totally opposite of this. We are leaving our hobbies because we need to earn our living. I read a quote stating that if you make your hobby as your profession, you won’t have to work a single day in your life!

Let’s ask oneself that is it possible?

If you calculate things and then say that it isn’t. I would like you to reconsider your answer. Yes, now you would be thinking that it would depend upon a person’s passion. It might be right but read on and I bet that you’ll change your answer.

Industry today is changing. A few years back a writer could only take a chance in writing by publishing his book, but now we have content writers. Artists who loved painting and drawing are now graphic designers.

It’s not that a person who likes Art and Craft will end up teaching or would have to leave the passion to earn a living. For painting and drawing there is graphic designing but for crafts?

You can sell your crafts and earn out of it. Believe me or not but your craft could earn you a fortune. Let me explain you how. People who bragged about imported products now prefer handicrafts. Home décor has completely moved to handmade articles. Gifts are now handmade to add happiness and feel.

So what is stopping you from making Crafts as your living passion? We have the internet to help our product reach the world. You might find it a little complex at the start but at the end, it would be worth it.

Our very own team at ArtyOwl is selling handmade products from all parts of the country. So now for selling your products, you need not own a fancy website. Just visit and register yourself as a seller.

Low marketing budgets, less technical stuff, and visibility to the world!

Sell Your ART

stylish blue and black handmade light lamp

India has been always known for the arts in its diverse culture, the handmade products have always lured the visitors around the globe. The objects created with inexplicable creativity and magnificent work of art not just are a treat to eyes but also eco-friendly in most of the cases.

Though the beauty of Indian Art and Craft Industry is praised all around the world, the artisans still face the problem to make their products marketed in the country. There were only three options with the artist to sell their products:

  • Sell to major retail stores with a domestic presence
  • Export the products to other countries
  • Sell directly to the consumer

Selling the retail stores exploited the artisans by not providing a fair price for their products, exporting goods proved to be costly, and selling directly to consumer made them dependent on tourism.

According to the government, the Handicraft Industry is worth $7 Billion and is fragmented between 4 Million Artisan and Designers across India. Having this great figures too, many artisans are homeless and are striving to earn a lively-hood. In a country whose culture is art, many artisans strived to earn a lively-hood due to the lack of capital.

The problems faced by this Industry are the lack of Infrastructure, no proper communication channel, unawareness of new technology, lack of product promotion, and products are not easily available for the consumers to buy.

Observing all the problems faced by the artisans in the country and keeping the ideology of Make in India, we came up with where the artisans can create their own stores and list their products. The pricing and the control of the store stay in the hand of artisans, they can sell at their desired prices and manage their store.

Everything after that is taken care by starting from the marketing of the products to delivering them to the consumer. ArtyOwl acts as a perfect business partner to the artisans who think that their product has a potential to grab the world.  Currently working on the Home-Décor, Personal Care, and Gifts articles, ArtyOwl is open to every handmade product which could lure the buyers.

The support team at ArtyOwl guides the artisans at every step to list their product, create their store and receive sales for their product. Just create a seller account and you are ready to be showcased!


Clay or Ceramic Art is probably the most ancient art by man. In fact, Ceramic Art in India exists from more than 10,000 years before. But Ceramic art is no longer just limited to clay pots and the famous kulhads, but it has become a part of home and kitchen décor!  Inspite of this, Ceramic artists still lack a good marketplace to promote their products. Most Ceramic artists have to wait for exhibitions, fleas and such places to showcase their creations to the people. understood this concern and decided to bring such artists in the public eye. WE at not only give these artists their own online store but also provide all the logistics and back end support to ensure that their products attract maximum people.

Ceramic Tea Light Holder_1 is happy to bring to you one such Ceramic Artist Ms.Sumathi  Madhav and her creations, CREARTH.  CREARTH i.e Creations in Earth are the beautiful ceramic ware that are handcrafted by Sumathi herself. Each article is unique in its own way and has great deal of detailing and elegance. CREARTH has a wide product range of kitchen ware, table ware and home décor.  Special mention goes to The Handpainted Wall platter which is amongst her Best sellers as well.

Handpainted ceramic peacock wall platter will keep bringing such treasures to the forefront. For more products of Crearth, check out the store only on  Happy Looking!!

Source : June 2016 | Volume 2 Issue 4 | Living Local Mumbai (Andheri West Edition) Page-13



As our ongoing endeavor to bring out the treasures of this beautiful world, is happy to bring to you unique Handmade Art which you may have never seen before! It’s called Upcycled Tyre Art. is always on a “lookout” for such artists who have a passion to create unique stuff and out of the box approach to creativity. We handpick different artists who create exclusive handcrafted products and bring them on our online marketplace. At one such local exhibition, Founder & CEO of Mr.Rajiv Ramnani found Kalatmak.

upcycled art

Kalatmak creates innovative products from used tyres. Yes, used tyres! Kalatmak transforms the scrap tyres into colourful, vibrant attractive products like planters, book shelf, pot holders, tables, sitters, etc. Kalatmak also makes sure the tyres are well-treated to avoid any health issues or any toxic emissions. The well-varnished, weather coated colors ensure long lasting shine and dust resistance.

Mr. Rajiv Ramnani was very impressed with Kalatmak’s unique concept of upcycling from something like used tyres into such useful products. He believes that artists like Kalatmak should reach maximum people and so he offered Kalatmak its own store on the website This recycled approach is unique and environment-friendly not to forget very good-looking too.

It’s a continued endeavor of to provide this online platform to artists like Kalatmak. You can explore & shop for more such artists and their work only on


Check out some cool products by Kalatmak

Source : June 2016 | Volume 2 Issue 3 | Living Local Mumbai (Andheri West Edition) Page-13


Well, the journey of this OWL started on 8th March 2016 from Mumbai and its got its eyes set on the world. is the new kid on the block of this magnificent country’s huge and marvelous handicraft and handmade products.

I set to form this idea in August 2015 and I didn’t know what to name the website. The idea was clear to create a marketplace for Artists or those people who create magic with their hands. What do we name this venture? Many options came to our mind -whacky, tacky and not so funky. Then it struck,  O W L….who looks for HAND-ART so was born.





Many people asked me this question, Why the OWL? Well here are some logical explanations (if so), well I’ve taken my observations from Wikipedia and quoting them accordingly:

Vision & Hearing 

Owls possess large forward-facing eyes and ear-holes – So looks for art / handicraft,  handmade products with great focus and listens clearly for every sound. Most of the birds have their eyes on the sides, but the stereoscopic nature of the owl’s forward-facing eyes permits the greater sense of depth. Don’t forget the NOCTURNAL capabilities.



Owls can rotate their heads and necks as much as 270 degrees – We try 360 Degrees approach and have a vision and lookout for those treasures and surface them on, the only portal for handicraft and handmade products with a niche approach to its product category.


The owl has an ability to focus and attack stealthily to achieve what it set out to do. We focus hard on somethings that’s out of the box and really outstanding.

Unseen art and unheard artists get this platform to share their fine piece of work without worrying of logistics, payment gateways and much more. A common platform and  a place where people can look, sell, find and SHOP exclusive out of the box creations which is not available in the MALLS or the STALLS.

So this OWL who is the COLUMBUS of OWLS is actually just looking for such treasures only for the world to love it and own it.

Have a look at  few of creations by our great artisans:-