About Us


Our Vision

ArtyOwl.com, A unique marketplace with a vision and direction to surface the beautiful hidden treasures of the magnificent world of handmade products. Yes the EPICENTER is INDIA.

ArtyOwl.com started its journey on 8th March 2016 with a vision to revolutionize the handmade and handicrafts trade. By Being on ArtyOwl.com the artisans & creators can surface their work, Display, Sell & Buy online on a platform of such Niche exclusive items from around the world, for the world.

We offer a plethora of products to choose from- Pamper your skin gently with the herbal handmade products, redesign or decorate your homes with the diverse handmade products to choose from or gift your dear ones a customized handmade piece.

The buyer can get an ultimate bouquet of unique handmade items created by some highly passionate handcraft artists. Artisans on ArtyOwl.com work on  various raw materials like Ceramic, Wood, Paper, Wrought Iron, Glass, Cork which are not only a visual treat but at the same time a pure reflection of the passion of the artist which has made him / her ideate and create such  beautiful piece of art.  Take pride in owning a handmade product that showcases the skills of local artisans.

ArtyOwl.com is your exclusive online destination for all things handmade.